Pricing is pleased to provide hospitals with a cost-effective solution for administering the HLQAT survey and accessing reports. The cost is based on hospital bed size and includes survey instructions for the survey administrator, the necessary educational materials to communicate the process to hospital staff, and access to the HLQAT reports.

Hospital Size Cost
50 or fewer beds Please contact us as
51 to 150 beds $650
151 to 300 beds $1,250
Over 300 beds $1,850
System or Association Please contact us as

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Other Services
Custom Analysis

The HLQAT research team will provide your hospital with custom analysis of your HLQAT results. Contact us if you would like additional information about Custom Analysis.


Engagements range from presenting your custom reports to your hospital senior management and/or board, to working with your quality team to create an improvement plan for your hospital. Please contact us at if you would like additional information about our range of consulting engagements.

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