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The Hospital Leadership and Quality Assessment Tool, HLQAT, is a self-assessment tool to help hospitals identify and improve structures and processes that are associated with high performance in clinical quality measures. The HLQAT is the culmination of several years of work by a team of university researchers and hospital providers, led by the Department of Health Management and Policy University of Iowa.

The HLQAT provides an excellent way for hospitals to:

  • Engage Boards of Directors in a discussion on quality
  • Identify differences in perceptions between Board, C-Suite, and Managers regarding quality efforts
  • Identify areas for improvement in structures and processes associated with higher quality
  • Prepare for the increasing role of quality in healthcare reimbursement.
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Administer Survey. Review Results.
Focus on Improvement.


The HLQAT is a low cost, evidence-based assessment tool for quality improvement. Once registered, hospitals will receive the necessary materials to communicate with hospital staff and administer the survey. Step by step instructions will be provided upon registration.

Register Your Hospital
Take Survey

A hospital ID is required to access the HLQAT survey. Upon registration, the survey administrator at your hospital was provided a code for your hospital. If you do not have this hospital ID, contact your survey administrator. To begin the survey, simply click the button below.

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Access Reports

The reports enable your quality team to quickly understand which of the HLQAT Domains are in need of focus. Included are internal reports that highlight perception differences (Board, C-Suite and Clinical Managers), and external reports to compare your hospital to high quality performers.

Access Reports